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This is the most critical stage in the life of a cat. At La Trufa we are well aware of this fact, so we know that kittens need high quality meat protein. Zero Kitten is a food designed so that it can be provided to kittens that are at the weaning phase (the design of the kibble allows it to be easily crushed for preparing porridge) until they reach their full development. A kitten needs high quality food (at this we note that we work with products suitable for human consumption) and in turn this food is basically meat. From here, genetics and a suitable environment for the particular type of dog would help it to develop properly.
Our product is based on dehydrated chicken, salmon, dehydrated lamb meat, by high concentrations of minerals and group B and D vitamins, plasma proteins (blood is one of the best foods for a carnivore with a high content of amino acids, high digestibility and an absence of anti-nutritional substances), chicken fat in the right measure, to provide the energy that a growing cat needs. To all this, other ingredients are added such as fish oil, along with salmon and chicken fat, which provides a good amount of omega-3 and omega-6 acids (EPA-DHA with anti-inflammatory properties useful for the proper development of the central nervous system), brewer’s yeast and natural antioxidants (alpha-tocopherols, rosemary extract, and selenium) and to maintain your cat’s natural defences our food contains bifidobacteria, probiotics, prebiótiocos (E. Fecium) and mannanoligosaccharides to stimulate intestinal flora.
Zero Kitten is a product prepared with ingredients suitable for human consumption, to which we do not add any kind of artificial colourants nor preservatives, nor any other additives that may affect the short or long term health of your cat. This means that according to the chosen breed of chicken amongst those on the market at any given time, or the food that they have received, or the type of rice selected etc, after the manufacturing of the product, the colouration of the kibble can be affected from one batch to another, all without the formula or its properties ever being altered. As a consumer, it should not worry you.
We have opted for this at La Trufa. We have prioritised the health of your cat, before the image of our product. Our job is to help get dogs and cats healthy.

Dehydrated chicken meat (minimum 17%), rice (minimum 10%), salmon (minimum 11%), dehydrated lamb meat (minimum. 6%), plasma proteins, potato protein, chicken fat, fish oil, brewer’s yeast, natural antioxidants (alphatocopherols, rosemary extract, selenium), taurine, bifidobacteria, probiotics, prebiotics (E. faecium), mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), malt extract.

Metabolisable energy: 3.750 Kcal/Kg


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