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This food is designed to meet all the requirements of adult cats of any breed. This need to create a multi-purpose food for different types of cats compelled us to a conduct a deep study of them. Cats, as carnivores with hunting habits, are not satisfied with just anything. The domestic cat exhibits some special eating habits, they usually eat little and often, the cat catches its prey and does so alone; and although the digestive system of a cat does not differ much from those of other carnivores, their habits and behaviour does. The small changes in the speed of ingestion, that by selection we have incorporated to the different breeds of cats, varies the degree of penetration of their teeth in the kibble, with the increased risk of periodontal problems if the intake is too fast. All these aspects have been defined as it would have to be Zero Cats. A food based on chicken, salmon, tuna, plasma proteins (synthesised from blood) as the most important source of protein, chicken fat and fish oil form the animal protein input that a selective carnivore such as a cat needs. The formulation had to provide an excellent level of meat, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Salmon, along with tuna and Pacific anchovy (all come under the same denomination of tuna) provide among other things a good amount of EPA-DHA with anti-inflammatory agents and properties useful for the proper development of the central nervous system; brewer’s yeast and the large amount of chondroprotecors offered, which are fixed in the body by a fair amount of magnesium (<0.05%) supplied by the raw material itself (as a component of bone structure) which is in the form of more assimilable organic salts for the cats and less prone to the appearance of FLUTD. We do not add anything more. With our formulation, we contribute to the hydration and healthy and balanced development of joint cartilage. We also add natural antioxidants (alpha-tocopherols, rosemary extract, and selenium) and to maintain your dog’s natural defences our food contains bifidobacteria, probiotics, prebiótiocos (E.Fecium) and mannan-oligosaccharides to stimulate intestinal flora. Zero Cats is a product prepared with ingredients suitable for human consumption, to which we do not add any kind of artificial colourants nor preservatives, nor any other additives that may affect the short or long term health of your cat. This means that according to the chosen breed of chicken amongst those on the market at any given time, or the food that they have received, or the type of rice selected etc, after the manufacturing of the product, the colouration of the kibble can be affected from one batch to another, all without the formula or its properties ever being altered. As a consumer, it should not worry you. We have opted for this at La Trufa. We have prioritised the health of your cat, before the image of our product. Our job is to help get dogs and cats healthy.

Dehydrated chicken meat (minimum 20%), rice (minimum 15%), salmon and tuna (minimum 13%), plasma proteins, potato protein, chicken fat, fish oil, brewer’s yeast, natural antioxidants (alpha-tocopherols, rosemary extract, selenium), bioflavonoids, probiotics, prebiotics (E. faecium), mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), fructooligosaccharides (FOS), taurine and malt extract.

Metabolisable energy: 4.185 Kcal/Kg

The amount of food to be administered depends on the activity, breed and environmentalconditions. The food must be placed in a clean environment and container, in one or two daily doses, respecting a routine that follows an established schedule. Always keep fresh, clean water available. We recommend carrying out periodic deparasitation with broad spectrum deworming medication including treatment against giardias as recommended by the manufacturer. Attention should be paid to the state of bowel movements, they should always have the correct shape and consistency. In a state free of parasites we can adjust dosages to the individual by increasing or decreasing the amounts depending on whether the stools are too hard or soft respectively.

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