Il Tartufo Light


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Is our choice for adult dogs of all the races on which we want apply a control of your weight, cash and real, but without losing muscle mass, quite the contrary. This supply is designed to provide a minimum of 82% of animal protein derived from meat, eggs, and dried fish, converting this union of quality of ingredients in a food that offers a 29% protein but only 10% of fats, so in this way we will progressively forging the body and the state that we want for our dog. All that we got it for meat of dried chicken, currently the best way to ensure the preservation of the nutritional values of the meat, the fair amount of chicken fat preserved with natural antioxidants, natural source of energy and ideal for carnivores, protein hydrolysate of chicken, which allows us better assimilation of the protein, tuna is a lean protein source, and is rich in many minerals healthy for your dog, including selenium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, also a good source of vitamins B3, B6 and B12, and also brings high values of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote the health of the heart. Then we add whole eggs dehydrated which provide us the 22 amino acids exist in nature and the oil of fresh salmon oil that lubricates the skin and helps maintain a lustrous coat and healthy, and a few teeth and strong nails. We collect each one of the most interesting parts and useful of our ingredients, discarding any that do not accept because of it’s low nutritional power. Unlike other power supplies of the market, we put at the disposal of the copies of this type of breeds a combination of different sources of protein, since it has been demonstrated that continuous exposure to the same source of these gives rise to appear certain food intolerances. Formula free of chemical additives and free of corn and wheat, responsible all them sometimes digestive intolerances, our formula uses rice as an ingredient is not the meat of greater biological value, a food of high digestibility and low allergenic aspects also. Complete our formula other ingredients, such as peas, which provide a high content in vitamins (C, A, folic acid and thiamin), also a high content of minerals (especially iron, potassium and phosphorus) and given its fiber content, are useful to regularize intestinal transit and help against the constipation, brewer’s yeast with its protein and that thanks to its Vitamin B and Biotin strengthens the skin, nails and hair. This contains virtually all the B-group vitamins and with only 20 grams per day (vitamin B1-B2-B6, niacin and folic acid) accelerates the regeneration of tissues, helps to regulate the functioning of the digestive apparatus, contains 18% natural fiber, which will help our intestinal transit, help to overcome the effects caused by stress, due to its high content of folic acid is an excellent dietary supplement control of the weight and prevent obesity, in turn, is a natural source of mananooligosacaridos, which are an additive prebiotic that prevent the colonization of pathogens and intensifies the action of the phagocytic macrophages, providing benefits in the gastrointestinal tract, neutralize the effect of the mycotoxins and the result is better performance and greater resistance to diseases, the seeds of flax, which regulate the pressure and arterial function, whose benefits play an important role in the metabolism of fats, calcium and energy resources, the beet pulp for a proper absorption of the nutrients for depositions minimum and firm, and yucca extract to reduce odors, dehydrated chicory that stimulates the production of gastric juices, favoring the good digestions, also opens the appetite and many other virtues to the liver and intestines, Enterococcus faecium, a probiotic that its presence shows a reduction in the number of potentially pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli, especially in those that adhere to the intestinal mucosa, and finally the Chondroprotective, to help you maintain a good mobility, but do not add other ingredients, since Do not believe to be necessary for the diet of a carnivore. As it is a food suitable for all races for this we provide a type of croquette media may be chewing by the majority of breeds present.

Rice (min 36%), deshydrated chicken meat (min 28%), tuna (min 5%),peas, hydrolyzed chicken protein, cellulose, dried chicory (a natural source of inulin and FOS), beet pulp, flax seed, whole dried eggs, animal fat (chicken, preserved with natural antioxidants), sodium chloride, brewery yeast, fresh salmon oil, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, yucca shidigera, enterococcus faecium. Additional information: % proteins derived from ingredients of animal origin >82%, glucosamine hydrochloride 900 mg/kg, chondroitin sulfate 500 mg/kg.

Metabolisable Energy: 3.752 Kcal/kg


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