Official distributor for La Trufa feed for dogs and cats

I would like to introduce you to LA TRUFA CANINA,
LA TRUFA CANINA born by the desire to create a type of dog and cat food with high quality an optimal and fair price. All our investment, both intellectual and economic is inside the bags.
We developed a project for the manufacture of compositions close to the natural concept, ranging from our first products, feed mixed basically meat compositions with rice, to new products based on hydrolyzed protein without grain (Grain free ) of high uptake in metabolism, almost nonexistent allergen levels and all made for ultra high performance in the body of the dog and cat.
All our feeds are made of food all of them fit for human consumption, whether dog food or cat, but formulations adapted to the needs of these carnivores. We do not use any synthetic additive or antioxidant, BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin or type or even liposoluble Vit K unnatural which may cause allergies in some individuals. On the other side, our additives are natural (selenium, natural vitamins, ..) and basically the nutritional content of our products is simply marked by the ingredients.